Star Wars: Uprising will Shut Down in November

The mobile game, Star Wars: Uprising, will be shutting down in November due to a lack of a stable audience.

Just a year after its release, Star Wars: Uprising’s servers will be closing down. The mobile game aimed to explain what happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. According to the announcement from developer Kabam, while the game has a successful launch, it could not maintain a large enough audience. The studio has confirmed that the servers will be permanently shut down on November 17, 2016. Kabam stopped accepting payments for any micro-transactions on September 22.

The lack of a stable audience has led the developer to shut down the game to allow for the team to work on more popular games and making new ones. The studio has also confirmed that once the server is shut down, there will be no way to access any previous player data. They advise that players who wish to document their achievements should take video or screenshots now.

In anticipation for the server shutdown, Star Wars: Uprising has been removed from iTunes and Google Play. While the website is still up, there is no news for how long it will remain.


Published Sep. 26th 2016

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