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Chip and Dale 2 took inspiration from Mega Man

Chip and Dale and its sequel were also produced by Tokuro Fujiwara. However, unlike the aforementioned titles, this game is quite easy, as it’s appropriately aimed at a younger market. It even got a port to the Nintendo arcade system, the PlayChoice 10.


An image of the PlayChoice 10 from the
International Arcade Museum website.

Later zones in Chip and Dale 2 will be familiar to those who have played Mega Man. Capcom, of course, developed both franchises, and the mechanical zone pictured above is extremely similar to Mega Man 3 (with the exception of the gopher sprites!). Chip and Dale 2 also takes inspiration from Mega Man in its gameplay. Unlike the rinse and repeat ball-throwing strategem of Chip and Dale, the sequel switches up boss patterns, making things a bit more like Mega Man

Published Aug. 27th 2017

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