Black Desert Online's Newest World Boss: Vell "The Heart of the Sea"

Take on Vell, Black Desert Online's newest world boss that is fought on the sea, starting January 28.

After Black Desert Online’s latest patch, Pearl Abyss announced their newest world boss, Vell, for the popular MMORPG on their official website. Players will be able to take on Vell for the first time on January 28th at 12:00 PM for both NA and EU servers.

Vell will be the first boss that is fought on water, creating a whole new experience for all players. To participate in the fight, you’ll need a sailboat with cannons and need to be at least level 50. For players who don’t own a sailboat yet, a weekly quest series located in Velia was added in the latest patch to give players access to an Old Bartali Sailboat. This boat is slower than a regular sailboat and can’t be repaired, but it's rather easy to obtain and still gets the job done. For more information on the weekly quest and Vell himself, take a look at the Black Desert Online official post.


Published Jan. 20th 2018

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