Dead Age Gets Huge Content Update Friday

Dead Age, with content update out Friday, is available on Steam Early Access.

Dead Age, an indie survival RPG, will receive a content update containing new locations, guests, upgradable jobs and more. 

The new locations will include a city and desert map. Both will contain new events and quests, such as finding a desert prison and visiting a graveyard. Also included in the update will be six different endings depending on the decisions the player made during their campaigns. In addition, players will now be able to receive Steam achievements. All jobs will also be unlocked.

Dead Age is a turn-based game where players manage their survivors and protect them from permanent death by scavenging, building alliances, and defending their camps from hordes of the undead. Every decision made in the game effects the group as a whole. Players can choose to save as many survivors as they can or let them die off to keep more supplies.

Dead Age is available on Steam Early Access right now.


Published Sep. 29th 2016

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