GTA Online Festive Surprise Available Now

GTA Online is celebrating the holidays with it's Festive Surprise DLC packed full of new content and holiday spirit.

GTA Online is rolling out even more free content, this time in a holiday theme, with its "Festive Surprise DLC" that offers new weapons, vehicles, clothing and a few more goodies to be announced in the coming week. Here's an overview of some of the most exciting addition, but be sure to log in online or check the Rockstar website for more details. 

Ammunation will now be stocking the brand new Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines and they will be available to purchase and keep permanently. Between those two weapons alone, I suspect the streets of Los Santos are going to be particularly chaotic over the next few weeks. 

New holiday-themed clothing items will be available in everything from scarves,hats, and ugly christmas sweaters, to ridiculous masks such as this gingerbread-man mask. That will be absolutely free to add to your inventory up until January 5th. 

The new title update that packs in all this new content also allows players to own up to three properties and garages in Los Santos. To Help fill those properties up with sweet rides, it will also be making available to purchase and permanently keep four new vehicles:

  • Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader
  • Slam Van
  • Massacro and Jester Sports cars with new Race liveries

Perhaps the most exciting and unique addition in this onslaught of holiday treats is the new Snow Day feature wherein on "special days this season" Los Santos will be turned into a winter wonderland with the extremely rare (and uncharacteristic of San Andreas) snowfall.The post and the below image mentions the ability to even get into snow ball fights but warns that "those icy suckers pack a wallop" which seems to indicate that they'll be used as some sort of weapon or at least inflict some damage. 

The update should be available on all four systems now and also hints that players should check their inventory on Christmas day for a few extra surprise gifts.


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Published Dec. 18th 2014

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