Nexon's Mabinogi gets first story update since 2014

Mabinogi, the world's most expressive MMORPG, got its first story update in two years yesterday.

Yesterday, Nexon's Mabinogi Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary went public.

G20: The Gate of Sanctuary is the game's first story update since December 2014's Chapter 6 and Generation 19: The Divine Knights. The story update follows the Alban Knights as they fight to put an end to the attacks plaguing Erinn. Nexon goes into more detail on their announcement page:

"It has been a time of troubles for the Alban Knights. The attacks by the Prophets have taxed their soldiers and shown that Erinn is not as safe as it once seemed... and now something new and terrible has seeped into Tir Chonaill. Human bodies, glowing with a golden energy before rising from the dead."

Those who have completed the storyline up to the end of Generation 19 can continue on with Generation 20.

Along with the additional storyline, the update brings a multitude of new features and upgraded systems to the game. The new Squires of Baltane training system, for instance, allows players to recruit and train Squires and send them on missions, help them overcome personal hardships and more as they mature and embark on the path to Knighthood.

G20 also adds new Divine Skills, a concept introduced in G19, and adjustments to existing Divine Skills in the form of cooldown reductions to skills such as Shield of Trust and Judgment Blade.

Those who have a character level 50 or higher and register for G20 have until May 11 to claim prizes, including a weapon rental ticket, a pet box and more.

Take a look at the G20 announcement page for complete details.

Mabinogi can be downloaded from Nexon's website or from Steam.



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Published Apr. 17th 2016

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