DeNA expects success with Nintendo mobile games but what route will the games take?

DeNA CEO believes that Nintendo's mobile games will be a success but what route will they take with said games?

With the deal finally acquired after around 5 years of persuading, DeNA West CEO, Shintaro Asako is completely confident in the success of the upcoming mobile games featuring Nintendo's IP characters such as Mario and Link.

However, one has to wonder exactly what route DeNA and Nintendo will take with the mobiles. With the millions of repetitive farming simulators and uninspired Bejeweled alternatives, there's definitely some room for innovation in the mobile gaming world. Of course, Nintendo also wants to focus on the games coming out for the Wii U and 3DS and they also want to focus on Project NX, the console we'll be hearing about next year.

Even so, Mr. Asako is convinced that Nintendo's mobile games will be a huge success, going as far as saying that Nintendo's IP is the best when it comes to placing them on smartphones:

The Nintendo deal is a huge, huge deal... Nintendo has the best IP, and IP that’s perfect matched to smartphones.

So now, the question of the day is this: Exactly what route will the two companies take when it comes to developing a mobile game for the characters of Nintendo such as the Mushroom Kingdom hero himself?

Published Aug. 12th 2015

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