New Monster Hunter Online Trailer, More Monsters Revealed on Official Site

Monster Hunter Online looks to be the MMO fans of the series have been waiting for, and it just keeps looking better.

Monster Hunter Online has yet to be announced for a Western release, but that shouldn't stop us from keeping an eye on it. A new trailer for the currently China-only MMORPG has found its way to the internet, and the official site has a few new monster confirmations to chomp on.

Monster Hunter Online is currently in closed beta in China, with only 1,000 people allowed to participate in this strict beta phase. This is a particularly low number considering China's massive potential playerbase, but this is likely only the first of several beta phases.

Those familiar with the series know there are several weapon types in the Monster Hunter universe, but so far only four have been confirmed for Monster Hunter Online:

  • Sword and shield
  • Great sword
  • Light bowgun (The official site just refers to this as bowgun, which may imply medium and heavy variations will be skipped over.)
  • Long Sword

Considering the small size of this weapon pool in comparison to the large amount found in other games in the series, it is likely more will be announced and implemented at a later date. It would be a shame to skip out on the lance, gunlance, hammer (my favorite), switch axe, and so on.

Digging around the official site

Below are the monsters having been confirmed thus far, as well as a few additional screenshots spattered about the official site. You can wander over and check them out yourself, but the site can be difficult to navigate without some knowledge of the language.

The area shots found below are smaller than the others because that is the maximum size on the website. Hopefully we will get higher resolution shots of the Monster Hunter Online's areas in the near future.

Confirmed Monsters

 Monster Screenshots

 Area Screenshots

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Published Apr. 22nd 2020
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I see alot more familiar monsters in there
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    They're all familiar so far. I don't think they'll branch out into unfamiliar territory for a while.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I don't recognize the giant chipmunk

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