Full Version of Paper Mario: Color Splash Released Early on Accident

While preparing Paper Mario: Color Splash for pre-purchase on the e-shop, Nintendo accidentally released the full game.

Paper Mario: Color Splash, the upcoming action-adventure installment in the Paper Mario series, was released two weeks earlier than intended by Nintendo due to an accident on the Wii U eShop.

On September 22nd, Nintendo loaded Paper Mario: Color Splash onto the eShop in order to make it available for pre-purchase, but accidentally put the entire game up for purchase. The game was successfully downloaded by numerous people during the day that it was up, but Nintendo noticed their mistake quickly, and removed it the very same day.   

Paper Mario: Color Splash is the newest installment in the long-running Paper Mario series, and is an installment that will focus more on exploration and puzzle solving, rather than the RPG-style gameplay that the series is best known for. The game is expected to release on October 7th in North America and Europe, October 8th in Australia, and October 13th in Japan.  

You can watch the most recent trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash below:


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Published Sep. 24th 2016

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