Blizzard Re-works Titan into Overwatch (New Trailer From BlizzCon)

Blizzard made the announcement of its first new franchise in 17 years: Overwatch.

WIth Blizzcon 2014 in full effect now, Blizzard made an exciting new announcement for 2015 with its first new franchise in many years: Overwatch.

The game is basically a PvP team-based shooter with different character classes, making it reminiscent of Team Fortress 2

There are not many details of the game yet, but what is known is that the Titan project that was "cancelled" earlier this year, has been reworked as Overwatch. The game is expected to be a team-based shooter, that is not very difficult to learn to play, and Blizzard is now taking sign-ups for beta testing, which will start in 2015.

Looking at the cinematic trailer of the game, it looks like the game will take place in a world where different races will be decked out mech gear, battling it out for posession of sought after gear.

As Blizzcon moves forward, hopefully we will be able to hear and see more about the game. For those of you at Blizzcon, playable demos will be located at Hall C, where 600 machines will be made available for you to play. 


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Published Nov. 7th 2014

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