Minecraft 1.20 Name Revealed: Trails & Tales

Mojang has announced the official name of the 1.20. Find all there is to know about Minecraft: Trails & Tales here.

Mojang has finally revealed the name of the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.20 update in a Minecraft Monthly video on their youtube channel. The update has officially been named Minecraft: Trails & Tales.

Mojang stated that Trails & Tales is focused on inspiring storytelling, self-expression, and worldbuilding. The update will release on all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mobile, and Switch, sometime in 2023. 


Trails & Tales brings plenty to get excited about, including a brand-new Cherry Blossom biome and Archaeology. Additional features for the update include:

  • New Camel Mount
  • Customizable Hanging Signs
  • Bamboo Wood set
  • A Functional Chiseled Bookshelf
  • Customizable Armor Trims
  • 7 New Default Skins
  • Community Voted Sniffer Mob

If you can’t wait to try the new features and want a sneak peek, you can currently try out the changes that are coming in 1.20 through the Minecraft Java Snapshot, or the Bedrock beta preview.

The team is consistently adding 1.20 features to the betas to ensure a bug-free transition when they fully release into Minecraft. The most recent updates to the Java Snapshot include the Sniffer mob, Cherry Grove biome, and Archaeology. 

Mojang knows we are eagerly awaiting 1.20, so they did right by the fans and released a Mega Man DLC. You can explore iconic Mega Man levels while the Mega Man X Soundtrack plays along with you. The DLC includes 14 new skins and 9 Mega Man weapons to blast away enemies in your path. 

The Mega Man DLC costs 1,340 Minecraft coins, or around eight dollars, and requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Players can redeem a free Mega Man t-shirt Character Creator item by March 16, 2023 (limited to 1 per player).

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Feature image via Mojang


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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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