Star Wars Battlefront to have Rouge One DLC

Tie in DLC coming to Battlefront.

Love it or hate it, EA and D.I.C.E's reboot of the popular Star Wars: Battlefront series has been a giant commercial success. Whether it was just based on name recognition or legitimate enjoyment of the game, there's no way to ignore the 14 million copies the game sold since it's launch since last November. 

Announced today, at the annual Star Wars celebration event, Battlefront Design Director, Niklas Fegraeus, has announced the 4th piece of Battlefront DLC called Rouge One: Scarif. The DLC will be a tie in with the upcoming movie and is set for a holiday 2016 release window.

The DLC will be set on Scarif, the tropical planet that was last seen the new Rogue One behind-the-scenes video and poster. Rogue One protagonist Jyn Erso will be playable in the DLC, along with antagonist Dir. Orson Krennic.

Star Wars: Battlefront was released On November 17th, 2015 with lukewarm reception from critics.


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Published Jul. 17th 2016

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