RIFT is Celebrating PC Gaming with a Return to Steam

RIFT returns to Steam and provides lots for new and old players alike.

Not only is RIFT celebrating with the Autumn Harvest event, RIFT is also celebrating PC Gaming this week. RIFT is once again available on Steam for downloading and purchasing, allowing Steam users to run the game from there. If you ask why I mentioned purchasing when its a free to play game, there are three DLC (downloadable content) that Steam users can purchase:

  • RIFT Ascended Edition for $19.99
  • RIFT Patron Edition for $39.99
  • RIFT Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition for $99.99.

These editions can be purchased separately or together for $159.97. Each edition offers the player extra stuff, such as mounts and patron status. These are helpful if the player is new to the game, or played for a while but missed some of the collector's items.

RIFT Ascended Edition

The RIFT Ascended Edition is almost the same as the original collector's edition they sold when they first launched the game in 2011. Along with a 15-day Patron pass and 500 credits to spend in the RIFT store, players will also get:

  • Tartagon Mount (a two-headed large tortoise)
  • 24-slot bag
  • Bogling Wastrel Companion Pet

RIFT Patron Edition

The RIFT Patron Edition packs a bit more of a punch than the Ascended Edition. This includes the three items included in the Ascended Edition and adds more. The amount of credits received with this purchase totals to 2250 and the Patron pass is a 30-day pass. Other items included are:

  • Spindrel mount (a large spider)
  • Cyclone mount (hovering mount from the Plane of Air)
  • Mini-Regulos Companion Pet
  • Personal Banker
  • Portable Teleporter
  • Faction Tabards

RIFT Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition

This edition provides it all plus more. For players serious about getting more bang for their buck, this edition includes everything listed in patron edition with an increase of RIFT credits to 8500 and the patron pass to a 60-day pass. More items are also added:

  • Armored White Tiger Mount
  • Ghost, the White Hellbug Mount
  • Votan Fragger Weapon Transmog (a weapon skin)

How Does a Celebration Tie In to This?

The celebration of Trion's PC Gaming Week began Friday, October 25th, and will last until Friday, November 1st. One thing that all players can enjoy is that there is a 20% boost for all players. This boost will cover:

  • Player XP
  • Planar Attunement XP
  • Guild XP
  • Favor
  • Prestige
  • Dungeon Currency
  • Planarite
  • and Zone Event Currency.

This bonus is even stackable with bonus potions a user may have. They are also selling a 160% XP bonus potion in the RIFT store. Other items available during this time in the store include Raid 1 Rings.

A new lockbox has also been added to the game called Regulos's Trove. Players get a chance to get Raid 1 Accessories, a black squirrel mount, or another box to try to get more rare gear.

Trion Worlds is on a roll with bringing new items and content to the game since they've gone free to play. Be sure to log on and grab your extra XP bonuses!

Published Oct. 26th 2013

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