Indie Favorite Gone Home Sells 50,000 Copies in a Month

Popular indie gains the sales to match it's critical acclaim.

Indie company Fullbright has something to celebrate. After being exceptionally well received critically, their game Gone Home has sold over 50,000 copies in the month since its release. 

Gone Home, the quiet exploration game about rediscovering your family after a long absence, has received plenty of critical accolades since it's release. As well as being included in IndieCade this year, it is a 2013 Finalist in Excellence in Narrative. Our own site gives it an average score of 8.3. 

Steve Gaynor, co-founder of the Fullbright Company, said:

"We hope people will find it encouraging to know that, along with positive critical response we are continually grateful for and humbled by, we are also doing alright as far as sales numbers go!" 

The crew behind Gone Home has a busy few upcoming months, and will be a part of the Fanastic Arcade at Fantastic Fest in Austin as well as at IndieCade in Los Angeles. 

Gone Home is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, through the Steam store and direct sale through the Gone Home website

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Published Sep. 16th 2013
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    I personally loved that game. It does a great job of captivating the 90's era.
  • Gesslar
    Featured Contributor
    I just played through this game. I found it to be absolutely amazing with the multiple different stories going on throughout. The art is wonderful and the main story arc is beautiful.

    Is it worth $20? Part of me screams yes due to the amount of work that went into it, however I played it in two hours. I probably missed some, but as for replayability, I feel I discovered enough that I probably won't play it again.

    It *IS* however, as I said, amazing and does deserve a play through.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Everything in that 90second trailer SCREAMS 90's. Love it.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I've heard the game described as the perfect game as far as encapsulating the nineties. It's pretty fantastic.

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