Zombs.io - Possibly the Best Surivial IO Game

Zombs.io is a new tower defense io game that looks set to crush the competition in a matter of days.

Survival games seem to be the focus of most .io game developers right now. In the last few months, we have seen the release of Moomoo.io, Starve.io, Glor.io, and now Zombs.io. Plus, I know a few developers that are still working on their survival .io games.

But why could Zombs.io be the best of them all?

Growth of Zombs.io

First off, let's look at how the game is being promoted. Like most .io games, the developers have been promoting the game through various .io game aggregation sites. This serves as the launching platform for the game and is usually sufficient enough to keep the ball rolling and get noticed by various YouTubers.

Once YouTubers start producing content about a game, that game sees a sizable burst in traffic. Zombs.io has taken this one step further: the developer is working directly with Curse. And Curse is pulling out all the stops, presumably because their ad network is paving the way for Zombs.io's success.

Curse's ad network is sizeable and spread across many popular sites like Minecraftforums.net and Gamepedia.com, pushing large amounts of traffic over to Zombs.io. Just turn off your adblocker and check out those sites, you will see ads for Zombs.io popping up all over the place.

Zombs.io Gameplay

When you first start playing Zombs.io, you could be forgiven for thinking you were playing Moomoo.io. The graphics and feel of the game are eerily similar. Even the basic concept of collecting resources to build a base is the same. And then, you place your gold chest and everything changes.

The goal of the game is to gain as much gold as possible and live as long as possible. By placing your gold chest, you enter into the next step of the game -- survival, where you must gain gold by creating gold mines.

The gold chest attracts zombies hell bent on destroying it. Your mission is now to protect the chest at all costs. Hopefully, you have been collecting wood and stone by hitting trees and rocks. You can now use those resources to build a fort around your gold chest, thus protecting it. Well, that is until the zombies break down the walls.

Not to worry, though: you can also build defensive towers like cannon towers, ballista towers, bomb towers, and magic towers. These structures launch projectiles at the zombies, (hopefully) killing them. And so, you live to see another day.

You don't just face the same boring zombies over and over, either. The game is played in waves. Survive one wave and the next will be harder. Each wave comes with the night, meaning you have time to rebuild and strengthen your base and defenses. Structures call also be upgraded to better your base.

As you can see, the game incorporates the survival aspects of Moomoo.io and couples them with the massively popular gameplay of the tower defense genre.

Final Thoughts

Even though the game is heavily based on Moomoo.io, Zombs.io does its own thing, and it does it very well. The game is fun to play and like most tower defense games, it's crazy addictive. 

The fact that Curse is helping drive traffic to the site will only help carry this game to the top. More traffic will mean more media coverage -- and everything will start to snowball.

Zombs.io seems set to gobble up the competition. 


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Published May. 17th 2017

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