Meteor Marketing VP Says No Money Will Be Spent on Advertising Hawken

Meteor Entertainment reaches to the video game community to advertise Hawken without paying for traditional marketing.

Hawken is a free-to-play giant robot game being developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment. For over two years, it's been worked on and talked about by its team and the video game community.

It's been the work of transmedia marketing that has spread word of its title. What does transmedia marketing mean? It means reaching across several categories to find customers. In fact, Paula Cuneo has stated, "If a game is really good, it should be all word of mouth, in a perfect world."

This has led Cuneo to using marketing channels not traditional to video game marketing and claims that their team is spending no money and not paying media for the publicity for Hawken. The community itself supports the game as well as advocate groups. "We're really making sure that the product itself and the experience you get interacting with the company means you want to stay around," Cuneo continued.

It's an interesting and cooperative way to endorse the game to the players, by the players. Head to the Hawken official site to learn more about this roots-grown mech combat title.


Published Jul. 27th 2013

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