AtGames Announces Fall 2017 Lineup of Classic Gaming Hardware

AtGames announces their Fall 2017 line up of retro gaming hardware, that you might want to add to your wishlist.

AtGames® Digital Media Ltd., a leading force in interactive entertainment products, has announced their classic gaming hardware lineup for Fall 2017. In partnership with Activision, the Atari Flashback® 8 Gold, Atari Flashback® 8 Classic Game Console, and the Atari Flashback® Portable Game Player were announced in addition to their other latest classic gaming releases: Sega Genesis Flashback, Classic Game Console, and Ultimate Portable Game Player. 

Each of these consoles and portable systems include a fantastic amount of built-in games and innovative features. Plus, a lot of them share the same games -- the only variance being the amount of games that can be on the consoles.

The Atari consoles are slated for release everywhere September 2017 but can be pre-ordered at select retailers in July 2017. While the Sega classic consoles don't have a set release month, they are expected to be in stores everywhere in Fall 2017 and are available for pre-order at select retailers Summer 2017.

Here's what we know so far about each console.

Atari Flashback® 8 Gold


  • Features 120 built-in favorite classic games, including Centipede™, Missile Command®, and Frogger.
  • Includes two high performance 2.4 ghz wireless controllers that are styled like the Atari 1600 originals and also two legacy controller ports for optional wired controllers.
  • Features 720p HDMI output, scan line filtering, and a save/pause/rewind feature for every game.

Atari Flashback® 8 Classic Game Console

  • Valued priced edition with 105 all time favorites like Space Invaders and Pitfall!
  • Two styled wired controllers made to look like the 2600 originals, and two legacy controller ports for personal wired controllers.

Atari Flashback® Portable Game Player

  • 70 built-in amazing retro games, including PAC-MAN™ and Kaboom!
  • A built-in rechargeable battery for gamers on-the-go.
  • Can add your own games with an optional SD card.
  • Games can be played on the 2.8" high resolution display or on a TV via an optional cable.

Sega Genesis Flashback

  • Features a new design that is inspired by the original Sega Genesis console.
  • Includes 85 built-in games, such the Mortal Kombat™ series and the Sonic™ series and an integrated cartridge port that plays almost all Sega Genesis and Mega Drive original cartridges.
  • Two high performance 2.4 ghz wireless controllers modeled after the Sega Genesis originals are included, in addition to two legacy ports for optional wired gamepads.
  • Has 720p HDMI output, scan line filtering, and a save/pause/ rewind feature for every game.

Sega Classic Game Console

  • Valued price edition of Sega Genesis Flashback with 81 built in games, such as Shining Force™ and Shining Force II™.
  • Includes two wired controllers modeled after the original Sega Genesis and two legacy controller ports.

Ultimate Portable Game Player

  • Contains 85 built-in Sega Genesis and Mega Drive enhanced games like PAC-PANIC™ and Splatterhouse 2™.
  • Ability to add your own games with an SD card.
  • A built in rechargeable battery for portable gameplay on its high resolution 2.8" display, or on a TV via optional cable.

With all these features and classic games built-in, AtGames is delivering a lot of favorite retro content.

What do you think? Are any of these consoles on your wishlist? Comment below.


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Published Jun. 9th 2017

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