AOL May Shut Down Joystiq

Rumors are circling that AOL may be shutting down Joystiq sometime soon.

According to tech news website Re/code, AOL is likely to shut down its gaming news site Joystiq as part of a larger content overhaul.  Joystiq has reported on the video game industry for over ten years and is a respected member of the video game news industry. 

Originally thought to just be a rumor, Joystiq's News Content Director Alexander Sliwinski has confirmed that staffers "were aware of the closure" but have not yet received an official announcement. 

The news fits a recent TechCrunch article, which claims AOL is in the process of closing down underperforming sites in a restructuring effort to focus on ad tech, content, and video. One of TechCrunch's sources was quoted as saying that the changes were about "stopping things that are not moving the needle while investing in things that are.”


The hashtag #SaveJoystiq was trending on Twitter earlier today, an outpouring of public response to the news that Joystiq was shutting down. 

Sliwinski took to Twitter today to thank readers and others in the industry for their support. 

But he's not the only Joystiq writer to do so:

As a reader of Joystiq since I was in college, I can honestly say there's no doubt that the site will be missed. 

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Published Jun. 11th 2020
  • WesleyG
    Absolutely terrible. There are a lot of great writers on that site. It's going to be a big blow to quality game journalism. I truly hope Joystiq staff can get back on their feet quickly. Heck, maybe we'll see them go and form their own site ala Giant Bomb.

    Either way, screw AOL. They'll probably push out some Buzzfeed style site to push their needle or whatever.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Yep, and the fact they recently changed to an unscored review system. Because of which I started reading them... and now am confused why I never did before.

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