Behind the Scenes Video of the Warcraft Movie

Join Chris Metzen, a World of Warcraft designer and creator, as he strolls the city of Stormwind.

As World of Warcraft fans count down the days until the June 10th release of the movie Warcraft, the Warcraft Twitter feed has released a short behind-the-scenes stroll through the Alliance capitol, Stormwind. 

In the video, we join acclaimed designer and creator Chris Metzen as he experiences (in some awe and disbelief) the recreation of Stormwind. It is incredibly moving to see him get a tad emotional as he takes in the picture-perfect reproduction of our favorite shops and merchants.

I was hoping he would go into the back rooms of the Slaughtered Lamb to see if the Warlock Trainer was still there, but no such luck.

The attention to detail is inspiring, and will encourage many past WoW players to return to the game, and more likely, to see the movie. Nostalgia sells tickets, and although Overwatch is getting all the headlines, there will certainly be a few weeks in June when all eyes are on the movie Warcraft.


Published May. 30th 2016

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