Bespin expansion, new hero characters, and more coming to Star Wars: Battlefront this June

New additions are coming to Star Wars: Battlefront in June, especially if you've got a Season Pass.

Star Wars: Battlefront fans rejoice! EA recently announced on its blog that new additions will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront come June. New in-game events, new Hutt contracts, new offline play options, and more, including an as-yet unannounced event to take place on May 4, are in the works.

Season Pass holders will also have access to the all-new Bespin expansion DLC, which features four new maps for all of the game's most popular modes (Cloud City, now with 100% more AT-ATs), more blasters, more Star Cards, and last but not least, more heroes.

Craig McLeod, the game's producer, writes on EA's blog:

"Speaking of heroes, we know they have been one of the things you most like about the game; we’re happy to confirm that there will be eight total heroes included in the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass (which includes Greedo and Niem Nunb released with the Outer Rim pack) – two more each in both the Death Star expansion and our yet-to-be-revealed fourth expansion pack. More on the heroes to come this summer."

Lando Calrissian, the owner of Cloud City, and the bounty hunger Dengar are two heroes that have been announced for release as part of the Bespin DLC. Everyone would know who Lando is, but not a lot of people would know who Dengar is, unless they've been reading the Expanded Universe (now dubbed Legends) novels, or know the names of every bounty hunter that Darth Vader hired in The Empire Strikes Back to go after the Millienium Falcon.

YouTube game commentator Westie says in his info video on the Bespin DLC that the news that both Lando and Dengar will appear in the game is both hot and cold:

"You couldn't do a Bespin DLC without including Lando. I mean, he literally is the man from Cloud City, but Dengar got me a little bit confused. Many of you might not even know who he actually is. It depends on how much attention you pay in the films."

Who knows who the other hero characters will be, and where inspiration has been drawn in choosing them. All will be revealed when these changes are made to the game in June.

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Published Apr. 21st 2016

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