Hearthstone: 15 Best Saviors of Uldum Cards for Standard

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Siamat is arguably the best neutral legendary in the new set. It has already been compared to The Lich King and Zilliax.

First of all, it's super flexible and allows players to choose what effects they want Siamat to acquire. Secondly, all four effects are viable in the current meta, which will make Siamat a top-tier card in top-tier decks.

It's hard to tell which archetypes would fit Siamat best, but the card is so good that it is possible it will be played in almost every deck in the format.


Which cards will you craft in the Saviors of Uldum meta? Share your thoughts below in the comments section, and be sure to come back soon for more Hearthstone guides at GameSkinny.

Published Aug. 1st 2019

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