GTA V has sold 60 million copies, but Take-Two's quarterly report is down

Take-Two may be taking a hit, but they are optimistic.

Grand Theft Auto V, a game that came out back in 2013, has now sold over 60 million copies! The latest financial report by Take-Two is up from the 54 million we heard about last time. However, according to GameSpot, despite GTA V's sales setting a new milestone for the game, it isn't enough to pull Take-Two back into the black.

At the end of the financial quarter in December, Take-Two's revenue was $486.8 million. This is down from the $954 million they made in 2014 during the same quarter. Their net income has also taken a hit, dropping from $211.6 million down to $99.7 million. However, Take-Two says that these results were better than they expected. 

Take-Two's virtual currency and DLC category -- called "recurrent consumer spending" -- now equals 54% of their total net revenue from digitally delivered content, and made up 24% of their total net revenue altogether. It is through this DLC that GTA V has become the company's biggest cash cow during this quarter, as the multiplayer mode's microtransactions allow for long term gains.

Other honorable mentions for helping with Take-Two's revenue include: NBA 2K16, WWE 2K16, and the Borderlands series.


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Published Feb. 7th 2016

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