New heroes and villains debut in Marvel Future Fight

New update to Marvel Future Fight brings Thor, Ms. Marvel, and Carnage to the battle.

Netmarble's Marvel Future Fight adds several new characters to the available roster of the massive Marvel showdown game. Marvel Future Fight is a blockbuster action-RPG showcasing the epic battle between Marvel's heroes and villains. 

All of your favorite Marvel characters show up in the Future Fight and more characters are still being added.

This week three new characters have joined the ranks. Weighing in on the villains side, Carnage has come for the mayhem. To take out those who would do evil, two new heroes are gracing their presence in the new update: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Thor (Jane Foster). That's right, Lady Thor has finally come to Future Fight.

New heroes and villains are not the only things to expect from the new update that is available now. New uniforms for Star Lord, Green Goblin, and Luke Cage. Just look at Luke Cage's new dapper suit. 

Also, a few more updates were made to the mechanics of the game. The user interface was improved as was the Timeline Battle matchmaking system. 


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Published Feb. 21st 2016

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