7 Vita Games to Look Forward to This Year as Sony's Handheld Putters Out

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Despite having a great opening year in 2012 and selling well in Japan for several years there after, the Vita never saw the same success in the West. With its sales completely eclipsed in all regions by the Nintendo 3DS as well as tablet devices that were cheaper and technologically better than Sony's offering, the support for the machine soon started faltering. The machine lost app support in the way of maps and perhaps more prominently YouTube.

The PSVita was granted some extra life when Sony introduced remote play on the PlayStation 3, and later more reliably on the PlayStation 4. But even then it was promoted more like it was an accessory rather than a gaming machine, and was even bundled together with some PS4 deals.

Through Sony's main focus on getting remote play working on PC's, the company is slowly moving away from the PSVita and as a result it looks likely it will become part of Sony's legacy systems.

While it wasn't the runaway success that Sony had hoped for, the PSVita still had access to some fantastic and niche titles you didn't see anywhere else, especially those that were coming out of Japan that may not have seen the light of day in the West at the time.

The Vita still has some life in it yet and has quite a few titles still due for a release this year. Here I have picked 7 of the best upcoming PlayStation Vita games for 2017.

Published Feb. 22nd 2017

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