Star Wars Battlefront Review: A Fantastic Star Wars Experience

Star Wars Battlefront delivers a great experience for any fan of the series.

Star Wars Battlefront delivers a great experience for Star Wars fans. It isn't perfect and there are things I would love to change, but it delivers well on what it set out to do.

Before I start, I think most fans will enjoy this game. If you don't like Star Wars, or shooters in general, you aren't going to like this game. This should be obvious and that's okay, it wasn't meant for these people.

Ultimate Star Wars Experience

Something I think that Battlefront does well is capture the essence of Star Wars, specifically in the Supremacy and Walker Assault game modes. These are huge 40 player battles with vehicles, heroes, and objectives. All you could want out of the game is in these 2 game modes. 

Does that mean they are the only ones worth playing, or that they are flawless? Not at all! I just mean that it combines every aspect of the game into those 2 modes.

Heroes and Villains

Star Wars Battlefront Villains

What separates Battlefront from other games is the Heroes feature. You can play as iconic Star Wars characters during these battles and it feels like it should.

If you play right, you can run through several troops as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader without even breaking a sweat. Are they overpowered compared to the average soldier? Of course they are, they should be. This doesn't mean the game isn't balanced or that you can't kill them. It is also not easy to become a hero or villain on the battlefield.

This is one thing I wish was different. You can only become a hero or villain during normal game modes, and only if you find a hero pick-up on the map. These are random each time so you just have to be lucky. If you don't use it in time it also goes away.

That's great for keeping heroes rare, but I hate the randomness.

Multiple Game Modes

Star Wars Battlefront has 9 multiplayer game modes. Even if some games modes are similar, they have their own purpose. Just because you can only play as soldiers in Blast, for instance, and it is team death match, doesn't mean it isn't fun.

These other games modes are there to give the player options, different objectives to play, and a pick-up-and-play attitude. Sometimes you don't want to do a long battle to capture points and take down a walker. Sometimes you just want to shoot stuff, or play a quick Fighter Squadron battle.

Speaking of Fighter Squadron, it is one of my favorite modes. I only wish they would add more to objectives to it, or other modes that focus only on flying ships.

Missions, the solo and 2-player options, are pretty bland. Besides trying them out a few times, I think most people will skip this part of the game. People that want to play split-screen couch co-op will enjoy the missions, though.

The only real enticing mode in this section is Hero Battle. You can play as any hero the entire match. You can also play 1v1 so you can have iconic battles with Luke vs. Vader, or Boba Fett vs. Han solo.


Star Wars Battlefront Customization

I think the game has reasonable customization, but it could definitely have more. They give you a few head appearance options, but I'm honestly fine with that.

There are several blasters, but it would have been cool if we could modify them in some way. This isn't the game's intent, so I won't complain too much about that.

The star cards and traits are where the real customization is at. You can greatly change your gameplay through the main choices found here, and you can only set 3 cards to a hand. You can even use a partner's hand, so you can work out with a friend that cards to get to give you more options.

Overall, people will love this game if they love Star Wars. Look at the game for what it is and what it has always been, a great Star Wars experience.

The point of Star Wars Battlefront is to capture what it would be like to be in the movies and on the battlefield of a Star Wars fight. It does exactly that, and it does not disappoint.

Our Rating
Star Wars Battlefront delivers a great experience for any fan of the series.

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Published Jun. 29th 2021
  • topher339
    Personally, I'd give the game a 6, maybe a 7. It was entertaining for several hours but lost it's appeal afterwards. Part of it is that I was expecting better, and just more in general.

    I've loved Star Wars since childhood but this was a big letdown to me. Battlefront 3 was a long time coming but never came. The general lack of content and all of the things that changed kept me from really enjoying the game. It simply isn't Battlefront anymore. The name was probably more of a marketing ploy than anything.

    If I was to sum up the game in one sentence it'd be: "Not for those looking for the original Battlefront experience (or too much of anything like it)." If they had called it Frontlines or something of the like, it would likely have fared better in the eyes of the fans.

    The DLC is what sealed the deal for me, though. Most of what you get should have been included in the initial release. I'll just wait to pick it up for 20 or 30 bucks. It's very bare-bones. Not worth full price, in my opinion.

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