God of War 4 Revealed

God of War is back and...much different.

For the past few months, there has been a lot of speculations of what was going on with the next installment of the God of War series. Rumored to take it's own spin on Norse mythology, rather than the series' trademark take on Greek mythology, it was confirmed during Sony's E3 conference that this is the case for the next game in the series.

In the trailer, we see Kratos (not voiced by T.C Carson) older -- and now he's a father to an unnamed Child, teaching him the ropes of hunting. However, the game quickly shifts to Kratos fighting off trolls and goblins in a more grounded experience. Rather than the over-the-top violent nature the series is known for, the action seems more tamed, but still extremely violent. 

The game takes place after God of War 3, and Kratos still has the same scar that he inflicted on himself at the end of the last game. We have no word on a release date yet, but expect some more news this week.


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Published Sep. 17th 2020

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