The new Need for Speed finally coming to PC

Need For Speed (2015) Finally coming to PC, albeit a year late. It comes with 4k visuals, an uncapped framerate and controller support.

The wait is almost over for PC gamers who are dying to get their hands on the newest installment of the Need for Speed franchise, with the game set to release in just over two days (March 17th).

The PC release of the game boasts gorgeous 4k visuals, an uncapped framerate that should be able to push most gaming PCs to the brink of their capabilities, and a pretty decent controller support. Also included are all updates already available for the console versions of the game.

Need for Speed (2015) came out on next-gen consoles last November, but the PC release was delayed to Spring 2016 to allow for an uncapped framerate as well as improved visuals

While the game requires an online connection to play, it also comes with free mandatory updates, and no paid DLCs, making it more acceptable to deal with. There are also other cool in-game features such as the Snapshot system, which allows your friends to like your screenshots, and turns those likes into in-game currency.

EA is also taking every opportunity they can to push Origin Access by offering a ten hour free trial of the game with the membership. The trial consists of full access to the game for ten non-consecutive hours.

The Play First Trial gives members ten hours to experience Need for Speed. The ten-hour clock only ticks when the game is open, so if you want to conserve your time, make sure you close the game when you're finished playing. If you head back to the streets once Need for Speed releases on March 15th all of the progress you make carries over.

The PC Standard version of the game comes to $59.99 (£49.99) , while the Deluxe Edition is $69.99 (£54.99). Origin Access members also receive a 10% discount on their purchase, so signing up for the membership is certainly worth the $4.99.


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Published Mar. 14th 2016

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