Sweepstakes for Life Is Strange vinyl soundtrack launches

5 lucky gamers who purchase physical limited editions of Life Is Strange through Square Enix's online store will get a rare vinyl copy of the game's soundtrack.

Square Enix recently announced that to celebrate the upcoming physical release of the award-winning Life Is Strange on January 19, they're holding a sweepstakes to give away five copies of the game's soundtrack on vinyl. Everyone who orders a physical copy of the Life Is Strange limited editions through Square Enix's online store will automatically be entered in the sweepstakes.

All of the limited editions in the online store can be bought for $39.99, but PC gamers who opt for a limited physical edition instead of the standard download will get the biggest price hike. While Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will only have to pay $10 more than they would for the standard versions of the game, the physical limited edition of the PC version costs $20 more than a standard download of the complete version of the game.

The sweepstakes announcement includes the following glowing description of the rare soundtrack prizes:

Featuring over 20 tracks, the Life Is Strange Official Soundtrack [VINYL EDITION] is a 2 record set that was made in extremely limited quantities and cannot be purchased anywhere! When opened, you'll get some beautiful artwork of Max Caulfield across its 24 inch wide bi-fold sleeve. To make this soundtrack extra spacial, we'll be getting them signed by a special developer from DONTNOD before sending them off to the 5 lucky winners. Unfortunately these literally just came in so we haven't had a chance to sign them yet, but rest assured that they'll be signed when the sweepstakes is over!

The rules of the sweepstakes, along with other details, can be found here.

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Published Jan. 12th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
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    If I had the money to drop... I would totally (if you have played LIS you will get the reference) throw down in the hope to win big! (is that awkward high school speech enough?)

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