The Ouya: Can't Stop, Won't Stop the Updates

The Ouya will receive yearly updates, but will remain backward compatible.

Kickstarter darling, the Ouya, will grace the market with yearly updates, according to head honcho Julie Uhrman.

"There will be a new Ouya every year. There will be an Ouya 2 and an Ouya 3. We'll take advantage of faster, better processors, take advantage of prices falling. So if we can get more than 8GB of Flash in our box, we will."

This practice lends itself to the fast-paced, constantly changing mobile market, rather than the traditional gaming console practice of waiting years to release new hardware to consumers.

Whereas in the traditional gaming market, continual updates might strike a bit of worry, Uhrman says that every console will be backward compatible. Games will be account-bound, a la Steam, so it'll be more feasible to play titles through successive console releases.

The Ouya hits stores in June, although project backers will see their units next month. Pre-orders of the console will be received in April.

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Published Feb. 7th 2013

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