A Dragon's Prophet Christmas (and New Year)

Players can expect more than just holiday festivities from Dragon's Prophet in the near future.

The Dragon's Prophet Christmas festivities are nearing an end, but that doesn't mean that's the end of the news for SOE's newest free-to-play MMO.

In preparation for the holiday season, DP unleashed a bevy of perks in their 12 Days of Holidays event. Every player that logged in from the 14th to Christmas Day (today) got a new promotional item every day. That, in addition to the Silver Dragon Festival, made Auratia a festive place to spend time.

" Ironwing Tomb and Bloodlust Crypt, as well as a brand new story dungeon that is yet to be named."

Fortunately, Todd Carson, Senior Producer on DP revealed in a post that a new territory will be releasing next month called Olandra. Carson says that the new area will be complete with new dungeons, new enemies and a coveted level cap increase (up to 94).

Carson mentioned three dungeons specifically: " Ironwing Tomb and Bloodlust Crypt, as well as a brand new story dungeon that is yet to be named." Carson goes on to say that as soon as Runewaker has completed its work on the dungeons and quests the territory will be released into the wild.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know what kind of holiday adventures you've been having in Dragon's Prophet!

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Published Dec. 25th 2013

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