Mega Man Legends 2 is now available via PSN

Mega Man Legends 2 is now available via PSN. You can now complete the Mega Man Legends series.

The PlayStation Blog has announced that Mega Man Legends 2 is available via the PlayStation Store. It can now be purchased and played via PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 only. 

Mega Man Legends 2 was originally released back in 2000 for the PlayStation 1. The game stood out as it took the longtime 2D hero and placed him in a fully 3D world. It also featured fully-voiced cutscenes, upgradeable weapons, sidequests, and larger-than-life bosses. 

The sequel continues the adventures of the blue bomber with an overall improvement to all aspects of the previous title. Dungeons are now found across multiple islands, there's more enemy variety, improved graphics, and a much more detailed story compared to the first game. 

News of its release on the PlayStation Store was hinted at when an ESRB listing was discovered. And roughly a week later it's now available. If you've never had a chance to play Mega Man Legends 2 -- now is a better time than any to do so.


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Published Apr. 6th 2016

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