Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn World Transfer Service To Be Free For 5 Days!

Looks like you'll soon be able to transfer your characters to another world for free in FFXIV:ARR!

When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launched Square Enix greatly underestimated how popular the game would be. Players faced hours upon hours, sometimes full days where they could not login.

Initially, restrictions were placed on character creation for certain worlds to help ease the servers until further measures could be taken. Thankfully, Yoshi-P and the rest of the FFXIV:ARR team were able to come up with a way to resolve these server issues and now you can login with no problems.

But what about all of those people who bought the game but couldn't join their friends because of the then-imposed character creation restrictions? A lot of those people still wanted to make use of the subscription time they paid for and ended up creating a character on another world in hopes of being able to transfer it at a later date.

Well it seems those people won't have to wait much longer. According to an official reply by community rep Camate on the Official FFXIV:ARR Forums the World Transfer Service is scheduled to begin soonThe World Transfer Service will normally be a fee-based service, however as a means of apology for the server issues they had at the beginning of launch the team has decided to make the service free for the first five days.

Players will be able to transfer their characters from a new World to a new World, a Legacy World to a Legacy World, and a new World to a Legacy World. They won't be able to transfer from a Legacy World to a new World because of the economic implications it may bring. However, Yoshi-P has stated that they are looking into enabling it at a later date.

I was lucky in that everyone I play with decided to play on the same server of which also happens to be one of the less populated ones, so I don't plan on transferring. But I'm sure a lot of players will be really happy to know that they will be able to transfer their characters and join their friends on the same server - all for free.

More info about the World Transfer Service can be found at the link in the embedded tweet above.

How about you? Are you happy they will finally be enabling the World Transfer Service? Let me know in the comments below!

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Published Oct. 5th 2013

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