PlayStation Home Update Delivers Trophies

Time to start earning Trophies in the virtual social landscape that is PlayStation Home.

Trophies are common these days. Bet you didn't think they'd ever produce Trophies for PlayStation Home, though.

PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen has confirmed via Twitter that in fact, Sony will let you earn Trophies in the social landscape. They will arrive with update v1.86, which drops tomorrow.

There are so many ways to earn Trophies in Home, it's actually kinda scary. Chances are, the Trophy list will be absolutely gigantic.

 This update will be available worldwide on March 12, and Sony will also provide details on retroactive Trophies. That's a darn good idea, because Home has been around since 2008, so active users have over five years of activity under their belts. You must've done something worthy of a Trophy or two in that time, right?

By the way, Owen didn't say whether or not Home will come to the PlayStation 4. For now, the social hub is only on PS3. Some question the endeavor's popularity, so it's possible that Sony might choose to pass on Home for the new console. We'll have to wait and see, though; this generation just got started, after all.

Visited Home lately?

Even if you don't care about the Trophies, this update is a good excuse to visit PlayStation Home. If you haven't checked it out in a while, you might be very surprised at its vastly increased size. There are just so many places to go and so many things to do... you might have a blast, so give it a try.

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Published Mar. 11th 2014

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