This Week in League of Legends eSports: Summaries and Highlights from the NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK

Miss an LCS match? Want to know the current standings? Check here for scores and highlights from the three most popular regional leagues.

If you missed a match of the League of Legends Championship Series this week or didn't have time to watch them all, check below for summaries and highlights from the NA and EU LCS's Week 5 and the LCK's Week 6.


The week started early for LCK fans with the first set taking place in the wee hours of the morning on Monday. The three-game set between MVP and Longzhu Gaming saw an ultimate victory as MVP swept the set. Game 1 saw a particularly great play when MVP Max's Braum used Glacial Fissure as the perfect interrupt for LZ Fury's Curtain Call from Jhin. Better team plays and more Barons ultimately won the set for MVP. Follow this link to watch the epic Braum interruption. Or simply skip to 31:34 in the below video.


The next Best of Three saw Jin Air Green Wings against KT Rolster, with KTR coming out on top 2-1. Wednesday saw two sets, the first being Afreeca Freecs vs MVP and the second SKTelecom T1 vs ESC Ever. AFS took the win 2-1 over MVP while ESC beat out SKT 2-1 as well. 

With the results in, standings currently place KT Rolster in a tie with ROX Tigers for first. SKTelecom sits comfortably at third while Jin Air Green Wings hold fifth. Afreeca Freecs victory over MVP moves them up to tie with that same team for sixth, while ESC sits at eighth and Longhzu just barely misses last place with ninth. 


Right on the tail of the LCK, EU LCS started off Thursday and went through Friday. The Best of Two format saw quite a few ties over these two days, starting off with the first set between Splyce and Unicorns of Love. Next up was a two-game sweep for Giants as they came up against ROCCAT. The lunch hour saw two more set ties as Team Vitality went against FC Schalke 04 and H2K battled Origen. The day's matches rounded off with a victory for G2 Esports over Fnatic.

Of particular note from Thursday's matches was during Game 2 of Team Vitality vs. FC Schalke 04. S04's Steve popped a great ult as Gnar that resulted in a 4-man stun on VIT and a quick cleanup. Either follow the link to 39:57 or press play and skip to it in the video below to watch the epic fight unfold.


Now we jump straight into Friday with two more ties, this time for ROCCAT vs. H2K and Unicorns of Love versus FC Schalke 04. Midday saw Splyce take a victory over Team Vitality and G2 Esports tie their set against Origen. Finally, the week rounded off for Europe with a Giants victory over Fnatic.

Points for standings place G2 Esports at the top with 20. Three points below in second is Team Fnatic, while third belongs to H2K at 15pt. Fourth is a tie at 14 pt between FC Schalke 04 and Splyce. Bringing up the lower half of the rankings, we have Giants sitting in sixth with 13 pts while Unicorns of Love hold seventh with 9. Eighth is another tie, with Team Vitality and Origen coming in at 9 pts a piece. Rounding off the list ROCCAT with only 8 pts to their name.


Back across the Pacific and into the Best of Three format, we join the NA LCS for a three-day round from Friday to Sunday. We start off the weekend with both an evening and late-night set: Cloud9 vs. Liquid and Echo Fox vs. Team Envy. Liquid and Team Envy both earned their set victories 2-1 over their opponents.

Saturday was a day of sweeps, starting off with victory for Counter Logic Gaming in their bout against NRG Esports. Shortly thereafter, TSM swept their set versus Phoenix1. For the evening rounds, Immortals came out on top against Apex while Liquid triumphed over Team Envy.

Last but not least comes Sunday. To start the afternoon, TSM dominated CLG. CLG tried to come back several times in Game 2, but, in the end, TSM overwhelmed CLG for the sweep. NRG Esports took on Echo Fox.

NRG took Game 1 while in Game 2 they used a strategy of Baron-bait-- i.e., they pretended to go for Baron to lure in the enemy players before Kiwikid's Karma cast Inspire with Mantra and the whole team drove in for kills. FOX started to push back, but the game came down to a base race between the two teams and this section's highlight. FOX attempted to recall, but NRG GBM's last stand at his base interrupted the recalls so that NRG could take the sweep. Either follow the link to 48:57 or press play and skip to it in the video below to watch the epic fight unfold. 


The last sets of this weekend saw Immortals take on Cloud9 while Apex went against Phoenix 1. IMT obliterated C9 for a solid sweep, while APX and P1 went to game three to break a tie. For the first time this season, P1 pulled ahead for their first set win. Needless to say, the casters had some fun with that victory:

The rankings for the NA LCS thus far stand with TSM at first and Immortals second. There is a three-way tie for third: Cloud9, Liquid, and Team Envy. Then we have Counter Logic Gaming and Apex tied for sixth while NRG brings up seventh. A tie for ninth has Echo Fox and Phoenix 1 vying to rise from last place.

The Week to Come

The LCK has a big upcoming week with nine sets. They start off early in the morning Monday before scattering through the week to end on Saturday. Sets are Afreeca Freecs vs KT Rolster, Longzhu Gaming vs MVP yet again, Samsung Galaxy vs ESC Ever, Jin Air Green Wings vs CJ Entus, SKTelecom 1 vs ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming vs Samsung Galaxy, CJ Entus vs MVP, SKTelecom 1 vs KT Rolster, and finally ROX Tigers vs Jin Air Green Wings. For times, streams, and breakdowns, check out LoL eSports' LCK page.

The EU LCS will run once more Friday through Saturday, taking up mornings and midday. This round starts off with Fnatic vs. Team Vitality while Origen takes on Unicorns of Love. The rest of the sets are as follows: ROCCAT vs. Splyce, G2 Esports vs. Giants, FC Schalke 04 vs. H2K, Origen vs. Team Vitality, Unicorns of Love vs. Fnatic, G2 Esports vs. ROCCAT, Giants vs. H2K, and FC Schalke 04 vs. Splyce to bring up the end. For times, streams, and breakdowns, check out LoL eSports' EU LCS page.

The NA LCS will run once more Friday through Sunday, with several matches running afternoons and evenings. The sets are as follows: TSM vs. Cloud9, Team Envy vs. Immortals, NRG Esports vs. Apex, Phoenix 1 vs. Echo Fox, Liquid vs. Immortals, Team Envy vs. Counter Logic Gaming, Apex vs. TSM, NRG Esports vs. Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming vs. Phoenix 1, and Liquid vs. Echo Fox. For times, streams, and breakdowns, check out LoL eSports' NA LCS page.

Were you watching the matches this past week? Have a favorite highlight? Rooting for a certain team? Let us know in the comments!

Published Jul. 4th 2016

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