Upcoming RPG Crowns Will Let Players Fuse Monsters to Their Heart's Content

Upcoming RPG Crowns will contain 200 uncombined monsters to breed and fuse.

Crowns is a monster-raising and battling RPG currently in development that centers around monster fusion rather than evolution. There are planned to be at least 200 different uncombined monsters that players will be able to mix and match however they want.

Players will be able to breed two monsters together to create a unique combination of the two or fuse them together, although the differences between these methods are unknown at this time.

Crowns is planned to have a "deep, dark story" and to feature online battles for players who have finished the main story and want an additional challenge.

Although the release date of the full version is currently unknown, a playable demo known as Crowns Frostbite is currently available for PC. Interested players can also follow the developers on Twitter for updates.


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Published Nov. 18th 2017

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