You Get Free Stuff When You Digitally Pre-Order The King of Fighters XIV

You can get 3 cool freebies when you pre-order a digital copy of KIng of Fighters XIV

Altus’s The King of Fighters XIV is set to release August 23rd, 2016. GameStop is already taking pre-orders for both digital and physical copies of the game. If you want to receive a few goodies with your pre-order, you might want to consider pre-ordering a digital copy.

Atlus tweeted today that those who pre-order the digital copy of The King of Fighters XIV will receive 2 costumes and a special theme for your PlayStation 4 for free. The 2 costumes included are Nightmare Geese and Classic Kyo.

Nightmare Geese made his first debut in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special back in 1998 as a hidden boss. He didn’t become a playable character until The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 released in 2006.

The Classic Kyo costume gives Kyo the outfit he had when he debuted in the first King of Fighters game back in 1994.

It is likely that these costumes will be available for purchase once the game is released. However, we currently don’t know how much these costumes will cost.

You will also receive a “dynamic” The King of the Fighters XIV PS4 theme as well when you pre-order digitally. The theme features an urban city with a large billboard showcasing the fighters in the game.

You can pre-order the game on GameStop’s website.

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Published Jul. 12th 2016

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