Xbox One Ad Promoting Sexism

Sexism seems fair as long as it only happens to men. Right, ladies?

Sexism in videogames and the games industry has recently been brought to the forefront of media attention. Once-unknown blogger Anita Sarkeesian and her site Feminist Frequency have leapt into the limelight to market heavily upon showing people how to change existing characters; how to make role models rather than sex symbols. However you may feel about her, she has brought many good points to the table about how women should or could be portrayed in videogames; but what about the things she and many others don't notice? What about the other side of the table?

While it may seem strange, men can be offended by improper portrayals of the male gender as well. Crazy, I know. I was watching something on YouTube when this ad (shown above) popped up and left a bad taste in my mouth.

My problem is that no one cares about the reverse sexism on display in this video. This is a blatant jab at guys saying, "Hey, what if the girl was acting like some bro-dude douche bag? That would be funny right?"

Let me make something clear: I have never treated my wife like this ever. Not when we first met, not when dating, not after our vows. Regardless of if you are male or female, this behaviour is gross and unappealing. The fact that they are framing it that all men act that way is just as insulting.  

(Might I add that it never SAYS it is her Xbox. In fact, the Xbox One's Kinect can identify people in the room and simply log them in just by them walking in.) 

If this had been a guy acting like this to his girlfriend, Microsoft would have already been beaten down with hate mail, the video would have been taken down and an apology sent out. But because it's the other way around, the girls are getting their laughs and defending it.

There is is no equality here.

I am not demanding a response or an apology from Microsoft; I just think that there needs to be more of an equal response from the female side at least admitting that the girlfriend in the video was acting like an asshole. Male or female, she was being a royal dick.

Maybe this sounds petty and seems like I am looking too much into this. I most likely am getting frustrated over nothing and should learn to take a joke for what it is.  Maybe, just maybe, I am being a little too sensitive about all of this. 

But this is my solution:

How about next time this sort of thing pops up, we realize that no one is outright attacking anyone and allow companies to start marketing upon a crowd based upon their insecurities. In the future, we can strive towards not cashing in on people's anger and manipulating a market to think a certain way through power.

How about we all take a step back and realize we are playing videogames. I will play a bald, beefneck space marine or an overly sexualized female if I feel like it BECAUSE I ENJOY THE GAME!

If anyone reads this, just learn to take a joke. Excuse me as I stop wasting my time talking about this garbage and go play a game.


I like video games so I talk about them! Works for me!

Published Dec. 8th 2013
  • Stopdotmotion
    Not to mention the fact that dead rising three has a thong wearing man with huge phallic looking weapon. Its ok because its a guy and only guys are allowed to act sexual without being called a slut. (sarcastic tone)
  • Abobo_2968
    Misandry is A-OK, you know. It's only when it is against women its a bad thing. Check your privilege, and all that other tumblr slactivist hipster nonsense.
  • Spyke_3447

    Folks pretty much sum it up, while bimbo-ism is a horrible thing in games and hopefully will tone down over time, this is not a sexism issue.

    Calling it a sexist issue blames the wrong people, this is shitty marketing coupled with a bad joke wherein a woman is acting like a douchebag due to stereotyping, Wherein you can naturally assume that their ideas of men are those that would fit that "football obsessed male" image.

    It's this "we're marketting to the non gamers" approach they seem to have opted for, it's PATHETIC. Like really, they avoid "buzzwords" they don't want, and go for "buzzwords" they do, instead of "gameplay" it's "entertainment experience" instead of "cutting edge graphics" it's "stylized and cinematic"

    It's like Earth just made first contact with an alien species and are proceeding to shake the genitalia of the aliens in their greeting due to not knowing their bits and bobs are in fact on their palms... thus causing great offence.

    Folks have already called it... there's another 80's style game industry crash coming, and it's cos of muppets like the one that gave the greenlight on this advertisement having a say in the marketing. And of course the horrible monetizing practices.
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    You have just earned yourself a new follower.
  • Death Metal Hero
    I'm so confused. The whole article you're providing a good point and then at the end it seems like a big old "LOL JK!"

    I do agree with both sides, kind of. Video Game characters are fictional made up characters, they are not meant to, nor should they be considered as role models. Coming from a view point of some one who creates characters I would be highly offended if some one just went "Thats a gross representation of a female / male. They should be more of a role model." Just, no. I created that character to be an idea, to be flawed. Not to live up to anyone's expectations other than my own.

    On the flip side, I feel that there are way too many buffed up meat heads and big breasted bimbos in video games. But some games i'm ok with that, like Bayonetta? The game is supposed to be "sexy" same with Blood Rayne. But then you pretty much every fighting game where every single female character is in a loin cloth (if that) and has a gigantic set of breasts. OH, dont forget: "JIGGLE Physics"

    Not to mention what they did to Chris Redfield. He looks like a roid rager. He even has a boxing match with a boulder in Resident Evi l5. Like, WHO DOES THAT!?

    Im not offended by the xbox one ad, but yeah that girl was a total jerk.
  • Reilly C.
    The idea was to get a rise out of someone in two ways. One: the title misleads someone to think this is about girls getting misrepresented in games again and finds it to actually be about sexism towards men,
    Two: My points would make someone one get mad.

    I was trying to get a rise and point out how dumb it is to get so angry over something so trivial. Sexism is still alive and strong and worrying how one group of people is represented in games is silly. If you can not become your own person and need to follow cues of others to accomplish this task , you have the issue.

    Your second paragraph is nothing but truth. Characters are flawed and need to be flawed. Those abnormalities make a character interesting and engage me more then the goody two-shoes characters.

    Also, I know you are heavily referring to Dead or Alive and while all the TnA is unecessary, should we ignore the really well rounded combat system that is there? If anything, as a guy, I enjoy ladies and am not afraid to admit it. Playing a game with sexy ladies AND it being really good is amazing! If a game relies on sex appeal alone and is aweful in all other respects (ala Girl Fight) then they deserve to get chastised.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I was with you up until the last paragraph labeled 'solution.' I think the thing that makes it unsuccessful is that you are making valid points of a very serious topic in the games industry. Sexism in games geared towards males or females is wrong either way.

    I read your response above and see that you wanted to "get a rise and point out how dumb it is to get so angry over something so trivial." Well, all media shapes our society in some way or another, including games, and sexism towards any gender isn't trivial in my mind.

    You also say "Sexism is still alive and strong and worrying how one group of people is represented in games is silly." One group of people? Whether you're talking about men or women, that's not a small group of people, it's half of the population.

    I think media is a good place to start with treating any sort of sexism in the world by holding game developers, writers, tv producers, etc, at the very least accountable to some of the ideals that they are portraying in their given medium. If we say 'oh well, that's just the way it is' then how can we as a society make progress for the benefit of all people, regardless of gender.

    There shouldn't be a patriarchy or matriarchy, it should be a people-archy or something like that haha! Anyways pretty good article!
  • Stopdotmotion
    The writer of the article is trying to show people how it feels. Trying to show people that it there is sexism against men and women. yet people seem to think one side is ok but the other isn't. some refuses to wear fur yet at the same time they are fine with synthetic material (which is far more damaging). Pretty much calling the people who complain hypocrites and I agree with this article.

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