Fire Emblem if: Samurai, Ninja, and... Maids?

There are killer maids in Fire Emblem if.

Famitsu is at it again, this time with a whole slew of new reveals for the upcoming Fire Emblem if titles – including an interview with the games' developers. Let's dive right into it!

1) Infinite Weapon Durability

Making a comeback from Fire Emblem Gaiden are unbreakable weapons. Now this would seem like a straight buff to reckless gameplay, but before you sharpen up your regalia weapons, here comes an unexpected twist: weapons may now have negative effects on their wielders. One confirmed effect is the limitation of certain ranged weapons (such as the Javelin) to a single attack per turn. Also, staves can still break because no healing for you. Go home, Donnel. Ain't nobody got time fo dat grind.

2) Weapon Triangle Overhaul

Yep. The previously separate triangles of weaponry and magic have now melded together, spawning the series' most lethal incarnation of rock-paper-scissors yet. The new triangle is as follows:

Swords & Magic Axes & Bows Lances & Hidden Weapons > Swords & Magic

Fire Emblem veterans know that this alone completely revamps the realm of strategy, particulary because most axe-wielding units could two-shot most mages up until now – if they could land a shot to begin with. Also, holy Pegasus Knight nerfs, Batman! Bows beat Lances, Pegasi are allergic to arrows; clearly this is a no-fly zone. Though, Sumia, we do need groceries. 

All jokes aside, the new system poses new questions to veterans and newcomers alike. What the heck are "hidden weapons" and where are they hidden?! I know I said no jokes but, frankly, I know nothing about these new weapons... except for who wields them! *drum roll* 


Maids. Maids and butlers. Maids and butlers wield hidden weapons. Who even cares about the other classes? I don't. Your main character can turn into a dragon? Psh. Bye, Felicia! ...Actually, Felicia is the name of the new maid character, so she can stay.

^ There's Felicia. Hidden Weapons beat Magic. She's gonna dust your tomes.

There are many more details that I haven't touched on – weapon differences between the two kingdoms, the new Dragon Pulse system, a plethora of new character reveals, the new Phoenix difficulty – but in lieu of this article becoming a novel, I'll just throw a link to the Famitsu scans below. I'll even toss in some full character portraits, courtesy of Dengeki. *Special thanks to Kantopia for all the translations!

Don't forget that the Japanese release date for the Fire Emblem if games is fast approaching, set for June 25th! North America will unfortunately be waiting until at least 2016. Thanks for reading!


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Published May. 28th 2015
  • My days will be better
    Awesome pieces can't wait for the next article
  • Narek_7036
    Wow the infinite weapon durability is amazing I've waited for it for a long time!
  • Waiting patiently for the game
    Come on June
  • KungFro
    We're so close!
  • Manisha Hossain
    So sad we have to wait so long :(
  • KungFro
    So am I. I doubt I can avoid spoiling it all for myself the moment in drops in Japan x(
  • SwordandSorcery
    So excited for this game.
  • KungFro
    Right?! I've been following the series since the first port, so I'm so glad to see it bursting with life right now. #awakened
  • juicedatom
    It'll be interesting to see how many classes they add in future versions
  • KungFro
    Songstress, Oni, and Revenant Knight to name a few! I am actually excited about them haha, I'm just way more excited about the super secret Butlers and Maids :P

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