Want a Free Xbox One? KontrolFreek Hosts Giveaway Contest Until June 2nd

Want to win a Xbox One pre-order? KontrolFreek is bringing you the once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you're like the rest of the gaming community, overwhelmed by what the Xbox One did and did not bring to the table-- you might want to take a look at the KontrolFreek contest going on until June 2nd, 2013.

According to the original article on gamerhub.tv, contest entrants need only to "like" the KontrolFreek Facebook page before June 2nd to enter to win a pre-order for one of ten available Xbox One units. 

With some amazing new features designed to take control of your living room, the Xbox One is certainly generating buzz throughout the media and gaming communities.:

“We are excited about the future of the Xbox and the opportunities it creates for the gaming community,” said Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek. “We’re equally excited to give our community of gaming enthusiasts a chance to win this amazing next-gen platform.” - Quoted from gamerhub.tv article here

For more details, and to link to their Facebook page to enter the contest, visit the original news update here on gamerhub.tv.

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Published May. 28th 2013
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I did the three entries. Since I'm hoping to actually get both consoles, this would save me a lot of money.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I love the first comment I saw on their page, "If I win this I'll sell it and go buy a PS4."
  • ShackAttackMike
    Haha. That's funny as hell.
  • McLain Anderson
    Haha, well if the rumors are true concerning the power difference, the PS4 being 50% better, the Xbox One seems to be the weaker console going into the next gen. Although I think just about anything will outsell the Wii U at this point... Sorry Nintendo xD Nice post by the way Nicole!
  • DpBallistiXx
    This is, of course, assuming you can get someone to buy it.

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