10 Totally Cute Girl Skins for Minecraft

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While some Minecraft players go straight for superhero skins like Iron Man or Deadpool, others prefer things to be a bit softer... and a bit fluffier, if you will. 

There are thousands of Minecraft skins out there and they really do cater for everyone's tastes. So, we channeled all the pink and cute we could muster and checked out the best girl skins on the skins database SeusCraft

A very user-friendly online service, SeusCraft allows you create your own Minecraft skins. You can select from dozens of premade details so you can combine them into something just for you. 

Without further ado, here are 10 totally cute girl skins for Minecraft.

Candy Girl

No uploader credited

This skin is absolutely perfect if you want to just play a cute, everyday girl. One might be forgiven for thinking that this one looks pretty normal but a lot of attention has been paid to designing her top and the combination of colors. And sometimes, it just pays to be normal, especially in the crazy world of Minecraft

This Candy Girl has been downloaded 7,299 times.

Download Candy Girl

Cat Girl Sweater

No uploader credited

You know what? I want a cat sweater! Or a hoodie. I'm not fussed. I love this skin because to me she is channeling her inner kawaii. 

At the time of this writing, this Cat Girl Sweater skin has been downloaded 49,248 times and continues to rank as one of the most popular on the website. But I think you can totally see why! I love the little ears on her hood and the simplistic use of gray. Couple that with her blonde hair, it makes the whole skin stand out!

Download Cat Girl Sweater

Cupcake Squirrel

Uploaded by CupcakeSquirrel

The designer of this skin, CupcakeSquirrel, is actually a Minecraft Youtuber and this skin is the one she uses in her videos. I love her little daisy headband and blue-purple hair. This is, indeed, a very cute skin.

This Cupcake Squirrel skin has been downloaded 9,606 times.

Download Cupcake Squirrel

Dino Girl

Uploaded by Boy

Is it odd if I say that I want a blue dinosaur onesie with a hood? I totally do! This rather simple skin has been uploaded by a user called Boy. It is easy to see why this skin has been downloaded 15,197 times because it is so darn cute! You can't see in the image above but she has colored discs all down her back as well. Move over Barney, because there is another cute dino in town!!!

Download Dino Girl


Uploaded by Diego Chavez

While the bright colors of this skin stand out from the rest of the subtle purples and baby pink skins on this list, everything about this skin screams cute! Even down to the watermelon themed hair bow and earphones. Not wanting to sound cliche, it really does look like a fresh and vibrant costume. Skin designer Diego Chavez really did a great job with this one.

This Watermelon skin has been downloaded 4,333 times.

Download Watermelon

Galaxy Princess

Uploaded by Kristie Lee

This skin is so cute. I love the addition of the crown. It does look like a princess and the colors of her hair remind me of space. This skin is the only one Kristie Lee has uploaded, but I hope that she does another because this one is sweet!

This Galaxy Princess skin has been downloaded 7,173 times.

Download Galaxy Princess

Summer Mint

Uploaded by Maddie

Now, this skin is pretty. You can easily see why it is called Summer Mint. All the beautiful flowers on this skin contrast with the pale mint color of her top. This skin, created by Maddie, is perfect for anyone who loves to add a bit of nature in their game -- or just likes things flowery and light!

This Summer Mint skin as been downloaded 2,763 times.

Download Summer Mint


Uploaded by Lucy_Heartfilia

I asked my six-year-old Minecraft player which was her favorite out of this list, and she said that she really loved this design! I can see why she likes it, too! The detail of the rainbow in her hair and the visible lacy tee makes this skin very cute! It is easy to see why Lucy_Heartfilia's design has racked up 2,325 downloads.

Download Lucy_Heartfilia

Pink Flower Girl

Uploaded by Andrew

This cute little girl is the skin used by Youtuber Little Kelly. Her videos are very child-friendly and she is a member of The Little Club, a group of Minecraft Youtubers. While she may still be a rising star in the online community, her most popular video has been viewed over 17 million times and her channel has almost 2 million subscribers.

This Pink Flower Girl skin has been downloaded 197,980 times.

Download Pink Flower Girl

Princesss Celestia

Uploaded by ~Brooookieeeee~ <33

Hands up. Who likes My Little Pony? Fans should know who Princess Celestia is, so this skin might be just right for you! The creator ~Brooookieeeee~ <33 has quite a few skins on SeusCraft, including one of Twilight Sparkle, another character from My Little Pony.

This Princesss Celestia skin has been downloaded 2,016 times.

Download Princesss Celestia


What do you think of our cute girl Minecraft skins list? Have you tried any of these in the past? Have you created your own? Let us know what you think below and remember to come back to GameSkinny for my Minecraft skins!

Published May. 27th 2017


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