Hearthstone World Championship 2016: Brackets, Decklists and Schedule.

Here's everything you need to know before watching the Hearthstone World Championship 2016.

This year’s BlizzCon is a special one, as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the event and the 25th anniversary of Blizzard. Also, this year will mark the third Hearthstone World Championship that will take place on November 4-5 in Anaheim, California.

This time the prize pool for the Hearthstone World Championship is increased to $1,000,000 -- four times bigger than the last year’s. Top 8 players from all over the world will compete for the title of the World Champion and the ultimate prize of $250,000.

Players in competition

hearthstone world championship 2016

After the Group Stage of 16 players was over, these eight young men followed through to the main event:

  • Amnesiasc (William Barton) – USA
  • che0nsu (Cheonsu Kim) – South Korea
  • Cydonia (Julien Perrault-Harvey) – Canada
  • DrHippi (Artem Kravets) – Ukraine
  • Hamster (Zhuo Wang) – China
  • HotMEOWTH (Edwin Cook) – USA
  • Jasonzhou (Jason Zhou) – China
  • Pavel (Pavel Beltiukov) – Russia

Brackets and decklists

Hearthstone World Championship 2016

All players will compete in a Single Elimination BO7 Conquest format meaning that every player brings 5 decks with one possible ban from each side.

Every competitor has been allowed to change their decks after the Group Stage, and here are the results:

  • The America’s favorite Amnesiasc has changed two of his decks:
    • Control Warrior to Zoo Warlock
    • Face Hunter to Secret Hunter
  • The Korean player che0nsu has changed Secret Hunter to Tempo Mage.
  • Cydonia went ahead and switched from C’Thun Warrior to N’Zoth Warrior.
  • Ukrainian DrHippi has changed two of his decks:
    • Control Warrior to Dragon Warrior
    • Face Hunter to Zoo Warlock
  • The second American contender HotMEOWTH has also decided to switch two of his decks:
    • C’Thun Warrior to Blood Warrior
    • Face Hunter to Zoo Warlock
  • Jasonzhou from China made one change only - N’Zoth Warrior to Dragon Warrior.
  • Hamster was the only player who kept his entire list untouched.

You can see all the decklists on Hearthstone TopDecks website.

Schedule and where to watch

Hearthstone World Championship 2016

The Quarter Finals begin on Nov. 4th and will occupy two time slots: 12pm – 2:45pm and 5:15pm – 7:45pm (PDT).

On Nov. 5th the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final will be broadcast from 10:30am to 3:45pm (PDT) followed by the awards ceremony.

You can watch all the matches on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel.

The following casters have been confirmed: Dan ‘Frodan’ Chou, Simon ‘Sottle’ Welch, Alexander ‘Raven’ Baguley, TJ ‘Azumo’ Sanders, Brian Kibler, Nathan ‘ThatsAdmirable’ Zamora, and James ‘Firebat’ Kostesich.

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Who do you think will win the Hearthstone World Championship 2016? Share your predictions in the comments section.


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Published Nov. 3rd 2016

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