Black Friday steals came early to Amazon

The Countdown to Black Friday promotion started November 2nd on Amazon, bringing tons of deals to gamers for a headstart on Holiday shopping.

Holidays deals aren't taking their usual break after Halloween sales this year, so keep your wallets ready for action. Amazon has launched a Black Friday countdown event, featuring bonus "deals of the day" promotions for extra-special sales in addition to the multitude of savings offered throughout the site. Naturally, these fantastic deals extend to the gaming community.

The event's main page sports the online retailer's enthusiasm for the sales opportunity, promising deals "all day, every day" without the three week wait.

Technically, the full name of the promotion is the "Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week," but the sale lasts all the way through Black Friday itself on November 27th and doesn't end until Tuesday, December 22nd. Amazon Prime members gain additional benefits to their subscription during the promotion, with access to more than 30,000 "lightning deals", giving them a 30 minute head start on the rest of the world.

You won't want to wait too long to snag a hot commodity, as the daily featured deals come with ticking clocks. (These special sales can be found on the main page linked above with their time limits.) Don't forget that Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $35, meaning your savings won't necessarily have to compete with shipping costs even without Prime.

Snake has his eye on all the savings, obviously.

November 2nd's video game Deal of the Day was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for PlayStation 4, marked down 33% to save fans $20 on the title.

Other deals already listed as of November 2nd include:

Be sure to check out all the games and accessories on Amazon's "Video Games Deals" page! It's never too early to get Christmas shopping out of the way, after all.

We'll also keep you posted right here on GameSkinny if any truly awesome deals pop up. Are there any sales you're on the lookout for this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

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Published Nov. 3rd 2015

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