Rockstar brings the goods in Ill-Gotten Gains Week on GTA Online

Get an exclusive T-shirt, double RP, and discounts on Ill-Gotten vehicles, tattoos and outfits this week on GTA Online

Another week of discounts, another week of double RP race playlists in Ill-Gotten Gains Week on GTA Online.

Players can get an exclusive in-game T-shirt unlock available all week, take part in race playlists, and get up to 50% off items from GTA Online's two Ill-Gotten Gains updates, Part I and Part II.

Ill-Gotten Gains Week comes a week after GTA Online's Lowriders Custom Classics event week, which featured Double GTA$ & RP playlists, discounts on car garages, accessories, shotgun and rifle ammunition, and motorbikes.

Discounted items for Ill-Gotten Gains Week include Ill-Gotten Part 2 vehicles, discounted at 25%, as well as tattoos and outfits from both Ill-Gotten updates, discounted at 50%. All knuckle dusters from the game are also discounted at 50%.

Double RP Race Playlists will be taking place all week and are accessible from the GTA V launch screens. 

"If you complete the Playlist, and want to replay it to earn more Double RP there's no need to restart the game - you can find it again easily via the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menus."

Street races are currently taking place, but you'll want to hurry as they end today, March 26th. Air races take place Monday and Tuesday, March 28 - 29th. Sea races take place Wednesday and Thursday, March 30 - 31st.





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Published Mar. 27th 2016

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