Night in the Woods Getting Director's Cut "Weird Autumn Edition"

Indie adventure game Night in the Woods will be receiving a director's cut this Holiday season, and may be coming to Nintendo Switch.

It was recently announced by developer Infinite Fall that their narrative-driven, small-town adventure game Night in the Woods would be receiving a director's cut release titled "Weird Autumn Edition", and would be releasing on "all major consoles" starting December 13th. 

The announcement was made through the official Night in the Woods Twitter account, and was swiftly followed by another tweet that hints at a potential Nintendo Switch port, based on the "all major consoles" statement made in the new trailer shown above. Given the fact that the developers also recently announced a mobile port of the game coming in 2018, as well as the fact that the Switch supports Unity, the game's engine, the pieces all seem to fit together.

Night in the Woods is available now on Steam and PS4, and will begin releasing on other major platforms starting December 13th. You can watch a full trailer for the game down below:

Published Oct. 31st 2017

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