CoD Team Kingdom eSports Disqualified Again

A professional Call of Duty team has been disqualified twice from professional events.

After being kicked out of the MLG Orlando event due to an attempt to use an incorrect account in order to get a higher seed, Kingdom eSports have been caught account recovering during the CoD XP online qualifier and disqualified once more.

Reportedly the team was caught using well-known underage SnD players to advance through the tournament and defeat teams NexT ThreaT and Sour Gaming. Questions will now be asked as to whether the players should receive bans for their actions after two separate incidents.

Roster members Yohan, Clutchery, and Shadow Drama have been immediately dropped by the Kingdom organization. Owner and CEO, David Beasley, released the following statement on TwitLonger:

“First I want to apologize to everyone that supports Kingdom eSports, fans, partners, we love you all. I can't express how disappointed I am at the way we were represented at MLG Orlando. I had nothing but high hopes for the team we had in place and them proving they deserved to be there. The team has been nothing but professional at representing us up until what occurred today."

The rest of the post states how the player in question had never done this before and apologized profusely about what happened and how he acquired a different MLG account that had more points that his own account. He then signed up for the tourney under that account -- MLG noticed, took action, and led to the team being disqualified. Beasley also states that he respects MLG and their ruling and that he will continue to lead the organization in CoD.


Published Aug. 16th 2016

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