Spike TV's VGX Stream Was Terrible: Here's Why

Spike TV's VGX stream was the worst.

Call me a dweeb, but I kind of liked the VGAs. Sure, they were kind of silly and absolutely pandering; but in some weird way I always had fun watching them. Games like Skyrim and The Phantom Pain premiered there and it became like a mini E3 with more questionable writing and motivations.

But then everything changed: VGX was born. 

Saturday night's event was embarrassingly terrible. While I have the utmost respect for Geoff Keighley and I usually find Joel McHale hilarious it was like neither of them had any sort of direction. As the night went on their frustration was palpable as McHale at one point turned to Keighley and said something like, "We just said this. Why are we telling them this again?" Keighley responded with a sort of eye scream because they were obviously live, disorganized and boring.




It's a trifecta from hell that will lead to disaster every time. But that's honesty not why the night was terrible - it's absolutely why it was bad - but not why it was a tremendous bear, bear-sized pile of garbage. VGX was terrible because of what it did to us; the gamers. 

hey make every single person involved in gaming - from developers to players - look like a bunch of fools to the mainstream person unlucky enough to have paid attention to Splike screaming in their faces.

Whether or not you liked the VGAs or hated them no one can deny that there were usually some really great reveals, last year especially. As per usual Spike touted the event as though it was going to make our brains explode from excitement and cause our bowels to loosen from sheer force of awesome. Obviously their marketing department hasn't picked up a controller since Pong was fashionable, but who cares? What I do care about is that they roped us all into this for some shitty trailers, one "huge reveal" that was already leaked weeks ago and oneannouncement that was actually really exciting (credit where credit is due).

Nothing that was shown was worth any sort of dedicated night. I love some of the series that were showcased: I can't wait for The Witcher 3 and Titanfall is looking cooler and cooler every time I see it - but those trailers could be released with zero fanfare and still gotten the same amount of attention. Instead Spike decided to phone in the entire thing, mislead the gaming community and waste everyone's time. Say what you will about the VGAs - at least they delivered something. 

VGX was terrible because of what it did to us; the gamers.

These kind of things paint the entire industry in a negative light. They make every single person involved in gaming - from developers to players - look like a bunch of fools to the mainstream person unlucky enough to have paid attention to Splike screaming in their faces. Spike markets this as the "cool thing" that gamers live for; in actuality it's hard for most of us to stomach its existence, let alone sit through it. The industry is full of unsung heroes that will never get the kind of widespread notoriety they deserve because Spike has far more power to market something shitty than any of us to do market something worthwhile and real.

A word of advice, Spike: Get some people who actually understand the game industry to write and produce your show. We work for cheap and are by and large an intelligent demographic.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know what you thought of the VGX whatevers. Meanwhile I'll be blowing my brains out trying to forget the fever dream that was the three-hour suck fest last night.

Side question: What the hell does VGX stand for anyway? What is the "X" for? Extreme? Who thought that would work?

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Published Dec. 8th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I actually enjoyed it. But apparently I was the only one that had zero expectations of the show. I was surprised by some of the cool things they had and while Joel wasn't enthusiastic, he had me laughing a whole lot.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    The X in VGX stands for 10... as in the 10th anniversary of Spike's video games award show... but that message wasn't communicated very clearly.

    I also loved how they made the show 3 hours, but hardly gave out any awards. Most of the awards like best Xbox game or best Fighting Game were awarded earlier in the day on the website, and not even mentioned during the broadcast.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    In the show they mentioned what the X was for, it was an ancient god...I don't recall which was it though!

    I hated the show, they didn't respect the fact that the VGA(X) is one of the most important events in the industry, and they kept throwing insults at gamers, calling us losers a so on...I hated that...plus the outcome of the winners, well, I don't agree with most of them, and feel there were plenty of better games that weren't even nominated, but that's just my opinion.
  • Max Jay
    Featured Columnist
    I agree - the whole self deprecating gamer thing is getting old. Also that X thing is stupid; they should have just kept it as the VGAs and continued to minimally disappoint us instead of treat us like shit-people.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    That was a joke they made about Scientology... its based on some space god named Xenu.... and of course they followed it up with the obligatory "Tom Cruise is short" joke.
  • Aaron_7990
    I did not watch the vgx award show because everything i read and heard about it just sounded awful. No true gamer, especially us older gamers want to see that garbage. Maybe the 10 to 20 year old gamers enjoy lame shit like a show made by people that are only interested in money and ratings and never played a game in their weak pathetic lives, but i doubt it. Spike TV is garbage, I'm a mans man and i still can't stand the brainless programing that network tries to cram down our throats. The VGX awards suck, any true gamer knows this.
  • Max Jay
    Featured Columnist
    The event could absolutely have its place in the industry. I legitimately don't even blame Keighley or McHale - I feel like I should make that known. But Spike TV is so pandering and lame it makes people that work really hard on the products look like a bunch of bro's that just want to pimp their shit.

    In actuality most of the devs are People that just want to put out a product that they're proud of and will sell so they can keep their jobs.

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