New Sonic game confirmed by Sonic Team

Takashi Iizuka has confirmed the existence of a new Sonic game. Will it celebrate the hedgehog's 25th anniversary?

Hot on the heels of Sonic's 25th anniversary, Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka has confirmed the existence of a new Sonic game. In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Iizuka commented on the general future of Sonic, stating the following:

"We at Sonic Team – are developing a completely new game, as well as developing a full movie, actively done by Sony Pictures, and animation on Sonic Boom. We are also ready to improve sponsor ties. The most important thing is not the fact the series survived for 25 years, but how many games [were] developed. Our goal – add something new and overcome any potential hardships."

While no new information on the game was revealed, it's worth remembering that a 25th anniversary game was recently teased on Sonic's official Twitter account. The only other Sonic game in the pipeline is Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for 3DS, but that title's development is being handled by Sanzaru Games (let it also be reminded that Sonic Boom is under a different brand than Sonic Team's output, which is the actual main series).

Regardless, we'll be on the lookout for any updates on the new Sonic game. All signs point to it celebrating Sonic's 25th anniversary, but it's currently unknown if it'll be in the same vein as Generations.

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Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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