Limited Run Games Now Licensed To Print Nintendo Switch Games

Limited Run Games, the company responsible for printing limited physical runs of select indie games, now has permission to print for the Switch.

Limited Run Games has recently announced that it has finally received permission from Nintendo to publish retail games on the Nintendo Switch -- and the company will begin doing so in 2018. A small company that specializes in printing and publishing limited runs of video games that have only seen a downloadable release, Limited Run Games typically manufactures runs in the range of several thousand units. 

The company has published games for both consoles and handhelds, releasing such titles as Thomas Was Alone on the PlayStation 4 and Skullgirls on the PSVita. But by adding the Nintendo Switch to its list of consoles, Limited Run seeks to broaden its demographic. 

Limited Run hasn't announced any particular games that it intends to publish on the Nintendo Switch, but the company has confirmed that its first release will be coming in 2018. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Limited Run Games as it develops. 

Platforms Nintendo Switch
Published Oct. 23rd 2017

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