PaperSeven studio announces its debut title, Blackwood Crossing

PaperSeven announces their first game, Blackwood Crossing. It will be releasing later this year, for XB1, PC, & PS4.

Recently, newly formed studio PaperSeven announced its first game, Blackwood Crossing. The title will be releasing later this year for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. 

PaperSeven was formed from developers who were part of Black Rock Studio, known for the racing titles Pure and Split/Second. The studio was officially shut down in 2011, and the new UK- based studio was formed shortly thereafter comprising of 14 members.

Their debut title, Blackwood Crossing, is single-player adventure featuring a first-person narrative. The game will focus on the relationship between orphans siblings, Scarlett and Finn. A mundane train ride turns fantastic and strange after they encounter a spirit. Players will take control of Scarlett as she navigates the world, learns new abilities, and attempts to keep her strained relationship with her younger brother.

The writer and lead designer of the title will be Oliver Reid-Smith, who has written previously for the game The Room.  

Fans of adventure titles can expect a release date soon.


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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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