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Bioware's MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic, will be getting new content soon. A new Flashpoint called Kuat Drive Yards is among that new content. The enemies that players face differ depending on faction. Republic players will fight to regain control of the station from the Empire and the other way around for Empire players.

Play with friends, regardless of level

Kuat Drive Yards is what Bioware calls a Tactical Flashpoint. This means that it is role neutral. It will match the first four players together, regardless of battle role. Kuat Drive Yards is also level neutral and will scale to the level of players. This allows high-level players to play with lower-level players. Players will get bolstered to the highest level in the group during this Flashpoint. Players must at least be level 15 to do this Flashpoint.

Dynamically changing Flashpoint

Randomly generated scenarios also set Kuat Drive Yards apart. There are five possible scenarios in this Flashpoint, and players get assigned two at random. There are also three possible final bosses; players get assigned one at random. The objectives and mini-bosses vary between scenarios as well. This gives players a new experience each time they complete the Flashpoint.


Completing objectives in Kuat Drive Yards gives reputation points for either Imperial Forward or Republic First Fleet, depending on faction. Reputation with these factions unlocks several awards, including unique armor and a mount.

Linking main game with Galactic Starfighter

Kuat Mesas is a map in Galactic Starfighter and Kuart Drive Yards seeks to link your ground game with the Galactic Starfighter expansion. A new area called the Starfighter Launch Deck allows players to speak with their Galactic Starfighter-only crew members.

Overall, this content is a wonderful idea. It's great that players can play with each other no matter what level and get a unique experience. This opens the door for very fresh content. Imagine if the operations, raids for those that aren't familiar with SWTOR, also had different scenarios. This lets players get much more play time out of content.

How do you feel about the new update coming to SWTOR? Let me know in the comments!

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Published Jan. 28th 2014
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Nice tie in. The Kuat Drive Yards was mentioned as far back as Episode 4 and the home to the Y-Wing I think.

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